Introducing Numerous Connexions

Numerous Connexions Teacher Sets Numerous Connexions For Families
Numerous Connexions (F-6) is a set of 630 A6 laminated write-on cards designed to reinforce place value understanding. The Teacher Resource Book provides 21 lesson ideas, games, warm-ups and assessment tasks to help students make connections between some of the infinite symbolic and visual ways that numbers can be represented. Each card has been designed to help students develop increasingly sophisticated strategies for finding the unknown number.

Helps parents promote place-value learning and positive attitudes towards maths at home. Each set includes 36 playing cards which show different and unfamiliar representations of numbers. There are eight starter activities in each set and ideas to help parents encourage mathematical thinking as players explain how numbers are built from their parts, compare and order different quantities and recognise equivalent representations. 

Set 1 is appropriate for learners aged between 4 and 7. Set 2, learners aged between 6 and 10 and Set 3, learners aged between 9 and 13.

To get a sense of Numerous Connexions, have a go at responding to some of these challenges:

Find more than one way to work out the number that each card represents.

Arrange the cards in order of their magnitude.            Sort the cards into groups.

Justify why one card is the odd one out.                      Play Snap, War or Memory. 

 Create an equivalent representation for one of the cards.

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Numerous Connexions & Number Talks

Here is a selection of Numerous Connexions cards that you can use for your next Number Talk. Pause the video on a given slide and ask your students to find different ways to mentally calculate what number is represented. The cards are loosely arranged in order of sophistication. 

Numerous Connexions MAVCON 2020

The best bits from my Numerous Connexions presentation at MAVCON 2020.