Numerous Connexions For Teachers

Numerous Connexions helps teachers build number sense and place-value understanding for students in Foundation to Year 6. The lessons, games and investigation ideas help students appreciate the magnitude of numbers and see numbers as quantities, not just digits. Place value learning occurs when students work collaboratively to sort and order the cards, share different solution strategies, make connections between equivalent representations and create their own ways to build numbers from smaller parts. 

The complete F-6 Set includes three teacher resource books and 630 A6, double-sided cards. The cards are laminated to enable  students to write their solutions and strategies on the front or back of each card.

Why Numerous Connexions is worth your students’ time 

Stimulates curiosity and imagination ✅

Builds number-sense ✅

Helps students develop more sophisticated mental and written strategies ✅

Encourages collaboration & discourse ✅

Inclusive activities that support differentiation✅

Develops fluency ✅

Presents obstacles that require patient problem-solving ✅

Promotes reasoning and critical thinking ✅

Invites creative thinking and visualising ✅

Reinforces understanding of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of mathematics ✅