Numerous Connexions For Families

The Numerous Connexions Family Sets helps parents of primary-aged children promote place-value learning and positive attitudes towards maths at home.  

Each Set includes 36 playing cards which show different and unfamiliar representations of numbers. There are eight starter activities in each set and ideas to help parents encourage mathematical thinking as players explain how numbers are built from their parts, compare and order different quantities and recognise equivalent representations. 

Set 1 is appropriate for learners aged between and 7. Set 2, learners aged between 6 and 10 and Set 3, learners aged between 9 and 13.

Some additional benefits of the Numerous Connexions Family Sets:

Helps your child see mathematics as a fun and interesting subject   ✅

Provides a tangible way that you can support your child's maths learning at home ✅

Builds number-sense ✅

Promotes reasoning and critical thinking ✅

Stimulates curiosity and imagination ✅

Invites creative thinking ✅

Encourages collaboration & discussion ✅

Develops more sophisticated mental and written strategies ✅

Develops fluency and problem-solving capacity ✅