1,2,3,4 Problem

A great problem to persevere with throughout the week. Tip: Use the kitchen whiteboard to record the different ways to make each number.

Four 4s

If you liked the 1,2,3,4 problem, Four 4s is a terrific follow-up challenge for the family.

Victorian Maths Challenge

I’ll bet you’ve heard of the Premier’s Reading Challenge? Did you know that there is a Victorian Maths Challenge? Paper Planes is one of 8 different challenges that your family can try.

Board Games

Number Paths

A classic Michael Ymer game that combines place value with probability.

Greedy Pig

A fun game that explores probability.

Other board games

Snakes and Ladders - counting and probability,
Battleship - coordinates / spatial thinking
Chess - strategic thinking


Frog Puzzle

Find some frogs and explore this problem at the kitchen bench with your kids before using the digital resource.

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Visual prompts to stimulate mathematical conversations around the breakfast table. 


A fantastic visual-spatial puzzle that you can tackle together. Scroll down just a little and you’ll find a link to a range of ideas for the game. The cards are also available for purchase.

Card Games

Math Cards

Throw away your times tables cards. Our brains can do much more than parrot correct responses. These cards build understanding of magnitude as kids connect symbolic and visual representations of numbers.

Sleeping Queens

A simply brilliant fluency game that my own children (and the grown-ups) loved for many years.


Some simple but effective ideas for varying this classic game to build number sense and fluency.